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• 7/6/2018

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• 9/7/2016


This is the thread for roleplaying Vespers! Our new council is this:
V1: Razorvoid13
V2: Fictional
V3: LucianVesper11
V4: King Prithviraj ||
V5: Heroofvespers
V6: Lon'Qu
We will officially start our first mission which I will reveal to all of you once all of you see this thread. Welcome to Generation X!
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• 12/25/2015

Attention all puny Cahills!

We welcome any single one of you to join The (new) Vespers at the German Vespers Wiki, and anyone who joins us will have to renounce the Cahills and take a German Pledge. We also are not as bad as you may think, as we just want peace. Please ask Führer Nilem12 to join the council, with 3 open positions. I am V3. Thank you.
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• 4/23/2013

Bad News

I had sent someone to spy on the Vespers and I have the bad news. Amy Cahill aka Ameliahopecahill and Dan Cahill aka Danielarthurcahill were trapped by the VESPERS! We need your help! We must stop the Vespers to destroyed the world.
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