Shadow Army Batallion


Mascot:"Shadow soldier"
Skill:Overpowering larger enemy armies

The Shadow Army Batallion is an elite Vesper batallion belonging to Generation X. They were formed during the creation of Generation X to overpower enemy armies that are stronger in numbers but weaker in strength. The batallion has some renouned Vesper soldiers who are much stronger than an average soldier or human. They were founded by Razorvoid13 and led by him but Razor makes Lon'Qu lead the group during battles although they swear complete allegiance to Razor.


When Vespers were joining the new Generation X and leaving the old generation led by Nilem there were some outstanding Vesper soldiers who chose not to join the Vesper Council of Six but to instead fight on the battlefield against Cahills and Founders Media as well as other future enemies. They were all given respected positions and were even known among the top ranks of the Vespers for their bravery and strength.

Known Members of the BatallionEdit