The Vespers are an extremely dangerous organization with strongholds throughout the world. Their enemies are the Cahills.


The Vespers were a family, dating back to the early 1400s, before the Cahills. They evolved into an organization, and they recruit the best in the world and aren't picky apart from that the recruits need to have talent. Damien Vesper (One of the first Vespers to have contact with a Cahill) was Gideon Cahill's best friend until he betrayed him for the Master Serum, forcing Gideon to start the fire which burned down Gideon's laboratory. They are the Cahills worst enemy. The Vespers have been sabotaging the Cahills from the start of Gideon's master serum and revealed lots of crimes the Cahills did. The secret stalkers of Amy and Dan during a meeting were terrified by the mere mention of the Vespers. The Vespers have also intruded and had double-cross agents all over the branches, making them more powerful and have more information that the Cahills.

In 2013 Nilem's generation of Vespers was formed and succeeded in near world domination but infighting and lack of good leadership caused them to collapse and leave their former Vesper 1 known simply as Nilem. In 2016 another new generation of Vespers was formed, lead, and united by Razorvoid13. The 2016 generation otherwise known as generation X is not using Germany as their home base. Their home base is likely located in Mumbai, India. Under Razor's new leadership the new Vespers currently have 0 enemies although for a while a couple or rogue low ranking Cahills threatened Generation X but were taken down swiftly. Much of the current generation has hatred for Nilem's generation including Razor himself as Nilem's generation was very selfish and incompetent.

Known Main and Active StrongholdsEdit

  • Mumbai, India (Likely)

The Vesper High CouncilEdit

Vesper One (Razorvoid13)Edit

Task Force 141, Division, Shadow Army Batallion

Vesper Two - Fictional CharacterEdit


Vesper Three (Lucianvesper11)Edit

The Vesper Interrogation Society

Vesper Four (King Prithviraj II)Edit


Vesper Five (HeroOfVespers)Edit


Vesper Six (·Lon'Qu)Edit

Shadow Army Batallion