1. Do not vandalize a page just for getting badges, we've all been there!
  2. Do not add useless categories to pages for, again, badges.
  3. No harassing other users on this wiki, we want all to feel welcome!
  4. Do not delete pages, simply notify an admin that you want a page deleted.
  5. Be honest! Don't lie to other users!
  6. Please don't create spam or useless articles that don't contribute to this wiki.
  7. Don't abuse your admin rights.
  8. Don't block users just because you don't like them; block them if they vandalize or constantly harass other users.
  9. Don't create sock puppet accounts to evade bans and blocks. The sock puppet accounts will be blocked as well.
  10. Only admins and bureaucrats can change user rights. Do not change your user rights unless allowed to do so.